World Unification Program Congress - IV

June 22-23, 2024

What is The World Unification Program ?

The Call to Friendship Project is a program of EXPANSION to the entire World Planet. Everyone in our World who has been trained through the Sacred Suggestions and thus attained Cosmic Consciousness until this Final Age has been given messages of (Friendship – Brotherhood – Peace – Love – Acceptance – Unification) as of the beginning of the 20th Century, as a necessity of the Law of (SERVICE TO THE HUMAN BEING)

These investments Kozmoz has made into the centuries are for the Salvation of All humanity.

The Program of the 21st Century is “Acceptance and Unification”. It is Mandatory for the Salvation of our planet that all Spiritual, Social focal points and Sectors that have been established on our planet until today Unify in a Total as a necessity of the “WORLD UNIFICATION PROGRAM”.

Our Friends who have attained Universal Consciousness in these Focal Points will henceforth take into effect a MACRO Reflection System with a Collective CONSCIOUSNESS OF UNIFICATION as a necessity of the law of Service to the SINGLE.

The “WORLD UNIFICATION PROGRAM”, taken into effect by the thus established Call to Friendship Association each year for 3 full days beginning with 21st June, which is the day of the OMEGA Channel opening up to the World, will be the first Conscious Applications that the MACRO Consciousnesses will present to the World Planet, by the conferences that they will take into effect.



2 days

Two Full Days

Two-day program with speeches of World Leaders taking part in the World Unification Project



Greenpark Pendik Convention Center Auditorium Hall

f & b

Lunch and Coffee Breaks

The program includes two coffee breaks and lunch for each day



Visitors may apply for discount rates at the Greenpark under event name HERE

frequently asked questions

How can I register for the event?

All guests are required to register for the event. It is possible to register through the "Register Now" option or the "Registration" section on this website to request an invitation.

How can I obtain my invitation?

Registered guests can obtain their invitations at the desk at the event in exchange for their donation. Call to Friendship members can receive their invitations with membership ID cards.

Is it possible to take part without an invitation?

It is not possible to take part in the event without an invitation. However you can also obtain your invitations at the venue on the day of the event.

Is it possible to return the invitation?

No, it is not possible to return the invitation.



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